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Mini Review: “Sew By Pattern Pieces” #15000 Leggings

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I blogged about a free kids’ knit shorts pattern that is cut on-the-fold (mirrored front/back) with instructions on how to correct the drafting. Today in a Facebook group there was a discussion about … Continue reading

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How to Correct a Mirrored Knit Shorts Pattern

Here’s a quick review of a new free pattern that was released today, the Tupelo knit shorts from SewLikeMyMom.  Like several other pdf kids’ knit pant/legging patterns, it has a mirrored front/back rise, with instructions to adjust the rise height … Continue reading

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Adding “Pouf” with Horsehair Braid

Previously I blogged about my recent haul from Wawak Sewing supply company, including a pair of 144-yard spools of horsehair braid, one white and one black. Then a friend asked me “Why do you need so much?  What do you do … Continue reading

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Product Review: Wawak Sewing Supplies

Well not exactly a “product review”, more of a “resource review”.   Wawak Sewing is an online retailer that I’ve used for several years. No, I don’t have any affiliation here, just want to pass along some useful info for … Continue reading

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Can you Save Money by Sewing? #2

Previously I wrote about “saving” money by sewing….whether it’s possible, or even important.  Having an Etsy shop, I get requests to sew garments on a regular basis, and pricing them can be a challenge.  Most of the time my customers have … Continue reading

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