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“Sewing in-between Sewing”

“Sewing in-between Sewing” is a term I picked up yesterday on Instagram from a post by the lovely Alicia, an Australian designer who has a sewing story all her own.  She creates and sells unique children’s-wear to raise funds for cancer research…you … Continue reading

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Fabric Fasting? A Fabric Diet maybe?

Every year around income-tax season, I start to panic: this is when I have to face reality and see exactly how much money I spent on fabric (and patterns, and trims) during the previous year.  I’m blessed to have a … Continue reading

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Painless Pajama Pants (“no fail” method)

PJ pants should be one of the easiest apparel items to sew: few pattern pieces loose easy fit perfection not required as they not usually seen in public Every winter season, I read online stories of confusion, seam-ripping, and utter frustration … Continue reading

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Pantone and the UFOs*

Haha sounds like the name of a music group…. (*Un-Finished Objects: sewing projects set aside and hanging over your head whispering “Finish me!”) The Pantone color-forecasting service Spring 2017 color chart has been out for a month, have you seen … Continue reading

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Sewing with Whites

Do you like sewing solid white garments? Many people tell me they don’t like to sew with white fabric, usually for one of two reasons: It’s boring (“How can I walk past all of the gorgeous prints and lovely plaids and brilliant … Continue reading

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Respect the Grainline

Paying close attention to the grain of fabric is something I was taught to do at a young age. When fabric-shopping, my mom would unwrap a large swath of goods and see how the material would hang, on straight-grain and … Continue reading

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Can You Save Money by Sewing? #1

(#1 because I could talk about this from a whole bunch of angles…and probably will. I’ve been sewing since I can remember  and I’ve worked professionally doing  everything from custom one-of-a-kind to mass-market volume apparel production. I’ve “costed” factory lines down to the fraction-of-a-penny … Continue reading

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Truth in Beta-testing

Yesterday a sewing pattern beta-tester asked this question in a FB group: “Is it customary to have to grade your own pattern down?” The pattern she was testing was too big in the  size she measured for, and when reporting … Continue reading

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What is a good age to start sewing?

By sheer coincidence, these two posts came on my Facebook feed yesterday: Jennifer Van Meter DeShazer (Jennuine Design), in her new sewing FB group, queried “How long have you been sewing and how did you begin?” My dear friend Robbin uploaded … Continue reading

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Ribbon-Beaded Lace the Easy Way

Ribbon “beaded” lace is one of my favorite trims, because it adds a touch of color and shine.  It’s called “beaded” because as the ribbon is woven up and down through the eyelet holes in the lace, it creates little … Continue reading

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