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Respect the Grainline

Paying close attention to the grain of fabric is something I was taught to do at a young age. When fabric-shopping, my mom would unwrap a large swath of goods and see how the material would hang, on straight-grain and … Continue reading

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Can You Save Money by Sewing? #1

(#1 because I could talk about this from a whole bunch of angles…and probably will. I’ve been sewing since I can remember  and I’ve worked professionally doing  everything from custom one-of-a-kind to mass-market volume apparel production. I’ve “costed” factory lines down to the fraction-of-a-penny … Continue reading

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Truth in Beta-testing

Yesterday a sewing pattern beta-tester asked this question in a FB group: “Is it customary to have to grade your own pattern down?” The pattern she was testing was too big in the  size she measured for, and when reporting … Continue reading

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What is a good age to start sewing?

By sheer coincidence, these two posts came on my Facebook feed yesterday: Jennifer Van Meter DeShazer (Jennuine Design), in her new sewing FB group, queried “How long have you been sewing and how did you begin?” My dear friend Robbin uploaded … Continue reading

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Ribbon-Beaded Lace the Easy Way

Ribbon “beaded” lace is one of my favorite trims, because it adds a touch of color and shine.  It’s called “beaded” because as the ribbon is woven up and down through the eyelet holes in the lace, it creates little … Continue reading

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WordPress How to Enable Comments

Yes this is supposed to be a sewing blog, however I hit a huge snag when attempting to set it up, so I’m putting this out there in the hopes that it just might help somebody else. According to the WordPress … Continue reading

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Charity sewing: the Hope dresses

I’m trying out 2 girls’ dress PDFs, both named “Hope” and both designed expressly for donating to charity.  The first is from Bobkin (released this past October 2015) and then next I’ll make the one from Violette Fields Threads (released … Continue reading

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