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The good, the not-so-good, and what I changed

Quicker Fix for Coachellas

It’s snowing (a LOT) here in Massachusetts but in warmer areas people are anticipating spring, which means sewing shorts, yay!  Last summer I posted about how to correct the “crotch bunching” in the adorable Coachella shorts, by extending the crotch curves … Continue reading

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Pattern Review: Baby Bonnets

NOTICE: update 1/27/2017: a reader alerted me to the fact that the Purl Bee bonnet pattern discussed below has a notification on the pattern: “This pattern and project are for home use only, not for resale”. I completely missed that when … Continue reading

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Revised Pattern: VFT “Matilda”

Previously I blogged about Alpha-testing of sewing patterns, using the Violette Fields Threads “Matilda” pattern as an example.  I’m genuinely happy to  update that information today. Matilda  has been revised!  The raglan armscye has been trued at the neckline (original … Continue reading

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Respect the Grainline

Paying close attention to the grain of fabric is something I was taught to do at a young age. When fabric-shopping, my mom would unwrap a large swath of goods and see how the material would hang, on straight-grain and … Continue reading

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Mini Review: “Sew By Pattern Pieces” #15000 Leggings

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I blogged about a free kids’ knit shorts pattern that is cut on-the-fold (mirrored front/back) with instructions on how to correct the drafting. Today in a Facebook group there was a discussion about … Continue reading

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How to Correct a Mirrored Knit Shorts Pattern

Here’s a quick review of a new free pattern that was released today, the Tupelo knit shorts from SewLikeMyMom.  Like several other pdf kids’ knit pant/legging patterns, it has a mirrored front/back rise, with instructions to adjust the rise height … Continue reading

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How to Walk a Sewing Pattern

“Walking” a pattern is the process of matching up stitching lines of each seam, to determine if the seams will line up correctly when sewn in fabric. In some cases the stitching lines will be exactly the same length, which is straightforward … Continue reading

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Pattern Grading: Hummingbird vs. Felicity

Grading is “a methodical and mathematical process that’a used to “grow” and “shrink” a style to fit a range of customer sizes….Grading is not morphing; it cannot change shape, but only makes an existing shape larger or smaller. (Kathleen Fasabella, … Continue reading

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How to True a Bikini Panty

Designers sometimes offer free, or almost-free, pdf patterns to let new customers try their product. Yesterday I spent $.99 to try a Little Finch pattern. I chose the Quicker Knickers. This is a cute basic bikini/brief, but unfortunately the grading … Continue reading

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Pants Rise: Shape versus Size

Quick post: Sometimes you can see what’s happening with garment fit by playing with the paper pattern. I came across this free Baby Bloomer pattern on Craftsy this evening: There’s just about no shape/angle/curve/hook  to the front and back rises.   … Continue reading

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