Revised Pattern: VFT “Matilda”

Previously I blogged about Alpha-testing of sewing patterns, using the Violette Fields Threads “Matilda” pattern as an example.  I’m genuinely happy to  update that information today. Matilda  has been revised!  The raglan armscye has been trued at the neckline (original pattern at left, revised at right):


…..and has been French-curved at the underarm (again, original on the left, revised on the right):


If you have already purchased this pattern you will receive an email with a link to down load the revision. The revised pattern does not include size 12 months, presumably because a new pattern is being released today with infant sizes.

This is a very cute and versatile design.  I still suggest adjusting the width of fabric in the skirt, but I can now confidently recommend this pattern.


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5 Responses to Revised Pattern: VFT “Matilda”

  1. jenya says:

    Great to know your constructive feedback was received and the pattern was adjusted.

  2. Bunny says:

    You should charge them for the lesson in how to draft a decent pattern.

  3. says:

    Oh I didn’t speak with anybody at VFT; I think they have a new tech designer who is helping with the line-extensions into infants and teen. I believe this is the first pattern they’ve extended into infants, and it must have been a good time to work out the “kinks”. Love this style so it’s all good!

  4. says:

    Oh Bunny, lol….you know I really do love their styles….I’m honestly super-happy that they are “tweaking” the drafting!

  5. fat lady says:

    I think we might be seeing a few more ‘revisions’ and ‘updates’ in the indie pattern world, given the continuing brouhaha involving a certain Portland-based pattern brand …

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