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What is “good” pattern drafting?

I saw this question online: “What exactly is good drafting? How do I know if a pattern is any good? What should I be looking for?” Good drafting refers to proficiency in understanding the shape and proportions of the human … Continue reading

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What does Grading Quality tell you about Pattern Quality?

I hear this all the time: “Why should I care if a sewing pattern is graded well, as long as the size I’m making fits?” Plenty of people don’t care, obviously….since there are many inaccurately graded patterns out there, and … Continue reading

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How to Correct a Mirrored Knit Shorts Pattern

Here’s a quick review of a new free pattern that was released today, the Tupelo knit shorts from SewLikeMyMom. ¬†Like several other pdf kids’ knit pant/legging patterns, it has a mirrored front/back rise, with instructions to adjust the rise height … Continue reading

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A-line Skirt: “Slash-and-Spread” Method

…… In pattern drafting, you often want to add fullness to the shape of a pattern piece: The CORRECT way to add fullness is from WITHIN the pattern piece. The INCORRECT¬†way is to tack on more to the OUTSIDE the … Continue reading

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