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Bow Ties for Angel Gowns

I’ve had so many requests for a vest and bow-tie to coordinate with the Angel Gown pattern from a previous post.  The vest pattern is coming very soon…as I was writing the instructions, I realized that the post was getting too long, and it needed to be cut in two. So, here are the directions for the bow-tie, and the vest will be up next post.

A bow-tie can be made with small fabric scraps. Here I’m using bits from a worn out men’s shirt. (This year I’m committed to sewing at least 50% of my projects from pre-loved textiles.) You will need 2 pieces for the bow tie, a larger piece for the bow-loops and a smaller piece for the center-band:

Fold both in half “hot-dog” style:

Stitch the center-band piece with a 1/4″ seam allowance:

Continue stitching the bow-loops piece with a 1/4″ seam allowance:

Turn both tubes inside out:

Hint: if you are making multiples, and have enough fabric, it saves time to sew long tubes, then chop into smaller pieces:

Now for putting the pieces together. Start with the larger bow-loops tube. Fold it in half “hamburger style” and make a finger-crease:

Now unfold, and then fold the left end over to create a loop, so that the edge extends 1/4″ past the center:

Repeat with the right side, folding the right end over to create a loop, so that the edge extends 1/4″ past the center. You can mark with a pencil to make the next sewing step easier; the marking will be covered with the center band:

Baste down the center line, using a machine or by hand:

Next grab your smaller center-band tube, and pin in place onto the back of the larger bow-loops piece:

Baste in place, either with your machine or by hand:

Flip it over, and you should have this:

Pinch the larger bow-loops piece in the middle:

Pull the end of the smaller center-band piece down, covering the stitching:

Flip the bow over:

Tuck in the raw end of the center-band piece:

Hand-stitch in place:

And then hand-stitch onto your angel gown with a few slip-stitches. (Photo for placement purpose only…. you would attach bow to a finished gown.)

Next up will be the vest, I promise.

Happy sewing, Janet


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