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Pattern Fitting Issues? a new blog for you to follow!

Since most of my current sewing is in kids’ sizes (for my Etsy shop) I don’t refer to women’s patterns in my posts.  Readers do ask if I will please write about “grown up” fitting.  So I am thrilled today to direct my readers to a new-ish sewing blog: Clean Cut Patterns.

I came across Anastasia by pure chance today through Instagram. If you are into sewing me-mades, you need to follow her IG:


You will meet her muse Esmerelda:


You’ll see peeks of Anastasia’s blog posts, like this one with an elegantly clear explanation of how to add a dart to a bodice that doesn’t have one:


And you’ll see what she’s working on….in this case a project from her own patterns which she sells on Etsy:


Take a glance at Anastasia’s lovely grading:


I am so looking forward to seeing more from Clean Cut Patterns! Please join me in welcoming Anastasia to the sewing blog world.

Happy sewing!



  • Anastasia

    Happy to have a chance to join your sewing community, Janet! I’m speaking for myself AND Esmeralda, of course 😉 lots of useful articles are to come soon on my baby blog! Thank you for helping me spread the word about my fit project! <3

  • [email protected]

    Anastasia, I am so happy to have found your new blog! It is always a pleasure to be inspired by talented people such as yourself, who share their knowledge. Wishing you all the best!!

  • Bunny

    Will definitely be folllowing Anastasia AND Esmerelda. Thanks for the heads up, Janet. There is such a need for clear, knowledgeable fitting advice for sewists of adult clothing and your introduction to Anastasia will go a long way toward helping us all.

  • JustGail

    Thanks for sharing the information on Anastasia’s blog & instagram. While much of what you share can be translated to adult patterns, somehow my head finds it easier to comprehend the changes while seeing the modifications on a more realistic scale. And on done on a 3-d form.

  • Ingrid

    Thank you Janet for sharing! I’ve joined in on Anastasia’ blogging journey. I’m sure it will carry on being delightfully informative. Just like yours! It is so good to read solid blogs as opposed to fluff!

  • [email protected]

    Hi Ingrid! Thanks for your kind words, yes I’m looking forward to reading Anastasia’s blog posts too! Although I do like the “fluff” blogs to see what’s new in style and fabric trends, I get a bit skeptical when every project turns out “So cute!”…because that’s just not my experience. I’d rather hear the whole story: what worked, and what needed tweaking.

    Bet regards, Janet

  • Suzy

    I was looking forward to reading a new blog, but it looks like it’s under construction right now. 🙁

  • Bunny

    I was also looking forward but she seems to have forsaken the blog for IG. I hope not. The visuals and discussions on fitting require depth and it would be wonderful to see her continue.

  • [email protected]

    Ah Bunny, we’ve been quite distracted here at 7 Pine Street with home renovations plus a puppy! I do hope to get back to the blogging arena soon. IG is a quick fix (and even that I’ve been too busy to keep up with!) but I do miss the chance to explore subjects in more depth. Best always, Janet

  • Sarah Turnbull

    I never say OMG, but OMG I have been looking for a sensible tutorial on adding a dart to an undarted bodice for about five years. Thank you to you and to Anastasia!

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