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    Saying “Thank You”

    As a Tech Designer, I was trained to be objective, rational. It doesn’t matter whether or not you personally care for the designer’s vision, the job is to make it fit and get the factory to understand how how to…

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    Fabric Shopping in Rome

    Last week my husband and I took our daughter to Rome for her last Spring Break before graduation from design school. Italy has special memories for Peter and me, because coincidentally both of our dads held 4-year ex-patriot stints there…

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    Vest Pattern for Angel Gowns

    This is a long-overdue pattern, so “Thank you for your patience” to all who have requested a vest pattern to coordinate with the Angel Gown pattern from a previous post.  Parents of little-boy angels appreciate a blessing gown with simple lines,…

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    Bow Ties for Angel Gowns

    I’ve had so many requests for a vest and bow-tie to coordinate with the Angel Gown pattern from a previous post.  The vest pattern is coming very soon…as I was writing the instructions, I realized that the post was getting…

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    “Made in America Tax”??

    Big news in the sewing world this past week is “the Jo-Ann’s petition” against tariffs on imported fabrics and yarns from China.  Have you received it? Have you signed it? Are you going to, or not?  I have mixed emotions…