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Free Pattern: Bias-trim Pocket


Last week I was making the Brownie Goose  “Junie”  dress and decided I’d like to add pockets, and since I was already making bias tape for the dress, I made pockets trimmed with the bias tape:


Rounded pockets are great because :

  • they are easy to stitch into on a garment  since there are no squared-off corners that require precision-placement
  • they don’t collect lint inside the corners….because there are no corners!

Here’s how to make these Bias-trim Gathered Pockets:

  • To open the pattern,  you will need the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.  If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here:

    Then open the pattern:  right-click on this link, then open in new tab:  BiasTrimPocketPattern2016:

  • You can then either download or print by clicking on this tab in the upper right corner:print download


(Pinterest link :

  •  Cut one outer fabric and one lining fabric for each pocket, on the fold:


  • Match up inner and outer fabrics, right sides together, pin along curved edge only.


  • Stitch along the curved edge only with a 1/4″ seam allowance:


  • Clip curves:


  • Flip inside out and press:


  • Stitch along top edge with 2 rows of long basting stitches, one 1/4″ from edge, the other 3/8″ from edge; gather the top edge to measurements listed on pattern piece by pulling top threads, and secure them by winding around pins on either end. Stitch across top edge to secure gathering stitches:


  • Cut 1″ Double-Fold bias tape to measurements listed on pattern piece:


  • Unfold bias tape and pin to inside of pocket, matching top edges, and leaving a 1/2″ extension off either end of pocket.  Straight-stitch across top of pocket at the fold-line of the bias-tape:


  • Flip pocket over to outside, tuck bias tape extensions under:


  •  Fold bias tape over to the pocket outside, enclosing the gathered top edge of pocket and pin:


  • Edge-stitch  along bias tape edge:


  • Place pocket on garment, pin into place, and edgestitch, backstitching at top corners of pocket to secure.

What are your favorite pockets to sew?


BiasTrimPocket copy





  • Nancy

    I am enjoying making this pocket for the girls’ dresses I sew. Thank you for sharing it! Is there an industry standard for the placement of pockets on the front of a girl’s dress?

  • [email protected]

    Hi Nancy! It’s an easy little pocket, right? Although I’ve never heard of a specific industry standard for placement, I place them halfway between the waist level and the crotch level. Your elbow is at waist level, and your hand is at crotch level, so halfway in-between makes a comfortable placement with arms slightly bent at the elbow.

  • Nancy

    That makes sense.Yes, it is very easy especially for being cute and stylish. I have been thrilled to find your blog a few days ago. Although I have years of sewing experience I have had little instruction in pattern design and grading. I have learned a wealth of information reading through your blogs.
    It has also been helpful to learn of indie pattern designers who do an excellent job and whose patterns are true to size. When sewing for my five children I stuck with using the same few patterns over and over because it would be frustrating to try a new pattern and have the sizing off. I now like to sew for my young grandchildren but that has involved making tiny muslins to send to my daughter before making the clothes. But no more!. Yesterday I made my first purchase from Puperita and today I will be sewing. : )
    The last few years I have done a lot of charity sewing for Dress a Girl, Dress a Dude, Days for Girls, as well as angel baby gowns so I have enjoyed your insights and will be trying the well designed cocoon soon from a donated wedding gown.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do!

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