Ceramic business-card holder, designed and created by my daughter Audrey, a student at Pratt College of Art and Design


  • Punkie Spencer

    I’m interested in the angel gowns. For some reason I can’t get it to save. Is there anyway you can email me the pattern please. Thank you. Punkie Spencer

  • Nancy Ceci

    I’ve printed out the 4 page pattern for Angel gowns. The 2″ test square is almost 1/4″ smaller than it should be. My printer doesn’t have an enlarge option for this pattern. Do you have any suggestions for increasing the sizes?

  • alice Myers

    Hello , we have printed out your fantastic patterns for the angel gowns and they are simply perfect . Thank you so much for sharing this . We have decided to have the pattern pieces cut out of clear acrylic so that we can re use them again and again and can see the embellishments on the gowns as we place , mark and cut . The company who are cutting these for us have asked if we can supply them with a dxf file rather than a p.d.f . Do you have this as a dfx file or only as a pdf. ? would really appreciate any help or advise that you could give us with this . Many thanks , from Alice at Shannon Angel Sisters.

  • [email protected]

    Hi Alice, that sounds like a brilliant idea! I don’t have Autocad to create a dxf file, however my husband may be able to use another program such as Creo. He is travelling this week but has promised to look into it next week.
    I will keep you posted!

    Best regards, Janet

  • [email protected]

    I did not forget you Alice, I promise! Well it turns out that the file needs to be vectorized before it can be saved as a dxf….which means it needs to be transferred line by line into Illustrator. I thought that my child could do that for me but it’s very time-intensive….I hope to learn enough Illustrator to do it though…..

  • Cadybeara

    Hi Janet!

    I adore your site – so much great info, especially as I finally begin to get ready to sew for my daughter (although the info has been great for my personal sewing as well, particularly regarding fitting pants)!

    I had been reading a page on your site that someone directly linked to, & when I finished that article, I tapped “Home” to go to your front page & see what’s new.

    Except…”Home” ( directly links to this adorable handmade business card holder, and not to the main page of your site ( – is this intentional? Or did something get mixed up along the way?

    I did eventually get to the main page by tapping on the “recent posts” thing on the sidebar & finding my way from there, but initially I thought you hadn’t updated in a while! ?

    Thank you so much for continuing to post all that you do to your site! I can only hope to have half as much knowledge to share with others in the future! ?

  • [email protected]

    Hi Brenda! Good point, I’ve tried and tried to get the home page to show latest posts….in fact when I go to WordPress “Settings” it does say that it’s set to latest posts
    (Front page displays: Your latest posts) ……but it does seem to have a glitch somewhere. I’ve researched this a dozen times on the web but all I can find is how to SET UP a static home page, not how to get rid of one. I’ll keep trying, I know how frustrating that can be to readers….it’s irritating to me as well. Thanks for being persistent I do appreciate it. Best, Janet

  • Maddie

    Hi, Janet! I love reading about your process of truing patterns and fixing scaling issues. I just printed the kids’ version of Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts and noticed that the jump between second largest and largest size is completely different than all the other sizes. I tried doing what you normally do, but I’m not sure if I’ve done it correctly, or if there is actually a reason for the change in scaling. Is there any chance you could give the pattern a quick one over? It’s a free, 4-page pdf on PS’ website. Thanks for all your awesome work! 🙂 -Maddie

  • [email protected]

    Hi Maddie! Honestly I have no idea why the grade scale is different from size 10 to size 11….I just left a comment asking why though. I felt like asking why size 11 anyway (usually kids patterns skip size 11 and just go 10, 12) but I thought 1 question was enough. Anyway we’ll see what she says…sorry I don’t have the answer right away! Best, Janet

  • alice Myers

    Hello again Janet. I contacted you recently about having your design patterns cut out of clear polycarbon . I am delighted to say that the company who our group ,contacted about doing this managed to convert the p.d.f file you provided into a D.X.F file and produce the polycarbon sets for our group. Furthermore they provided us with 18 complete sets free of charge. We now have a team of 18 dressmakers who use these polycarbon patterns every day which makes life so much easier for us. Thank you for providing these fantastic patterns and the wonderful tutorial. On our facebook page there is a picture of the pattern sets if you would like to see them.
    Once again , Thank you for everything. From Alice and all of the team.

  • chloelouise

    Love your blog…….

    From my experience Blogger from Google is a thousand times easier than Word Press and I also think it is promoted in a stronger fashion.

    I had some of the same issues when I tried to copy something from a blog on Word Press…….one cannot do anything with it, copy, comment, log in, etc.

    Blogger is really easy and I do not lose patience with it in ten seconds….that is just me every time I have tried to use word press.

    Your pajama advice is lovely–so often the pattern instructions do not really make sense, particularly in pants contruction. Even my sewing teacher suggested doing it your way.

    What is the purpose of putting one leg inside of the other. I do like to try to do things correctly but I like to know the reason if I am making a garmet with a good quality fabric.

    Because if you do it wrong or take too many shortcuts you can pay for it in the end but I like to finish the thing. There is a line in being practical.

    Well done and thank you for your time.

  • [email protected]

    So good to know, maybe I will switch to Blogger when my subscription is up. I chose WordPress because it seemed to be popular, but I’m not in love with it. I could use something less complicated for sure!

    The pajama pants construction: I find that the established paper pattern companies geared towards home-sewing have settled on construction that is easier to illustrate, rather than easier to actually sew. And then once they’ve decided on a particular method, they keep it forever. My pattern professors used to say that there’s always another way to construct a garment…and then when I went into industry I found that to be so true. Factories are always trying to save a few seconds, and sometimes just adjusting the sequence-of-stitching can do that.

    Thanks so much for commenting…and for reading! Best regards, Janet

  • Joan lipps

    I very much need an assortment of burial gowns in a full range of sizes , this is a very special thing for me. We recently moved and the shipper has lost all these special things . My printer , well is unpredictable. Is ther sny way i can pay you for theml

  • MarĂ­a

    I would like to learn how to sew the proper way, first time I see your post and loved it.

  • Joan lipps

    Help , I am in great need of Angel patterns, all types , I am not that skilled on using the way to print or down load patterns . Is there any way I can just buy them . I am 77 and handicapped , so dont get out much . I love to sew and have all the supplies needed to begin this wonderful project . My email is [email protected] or phone 217-922-3164 I live in Paris I’ll. Any and all help would be very appreciated , thankyou

  • Bonnie

    Thank you for the angel gown patterns! I noticed a pattern for baby boy vests on your Instagram site, but I cannot locate them on your website. Are they available, and if so, how can I download the pattern?

  • Deborah Foushee

    I’m looking at you pattern for the Angel Gown pattern. I don’t understand what the 2″ test square is for. Can you please explain?

  • [email protected]

    Hi Deborah, the test square is to make sure that your computer and printer are communicating the same information. All pdf-format patterns should be printed in “actual size” (NOT “fit to page”) and the way to check if the sizing is correct, is to measure the test square with your tape measure or ruler. If the box is not measuring correctly, you need to go back to your printer settings to make sure that you have checked off “actual size” or “100%” or whatever your computer’s term is for no adjustments going from computer-to-printer.

  • Mary

    I love your 7pinedesigns and use it all the time. Our parents really like the pants and shirt for a little boy angel. I have a pattern that I was given when I stared working with our group, but I am not happy with the shirt. And since you have been so kind a given us a vest pattern it does not fit the shirt pattern that I have. Can you help me with this? Thanks so much.

  • Anne McCoy

    We at Born With Angel Wings in Baton Rouge, LA would like to thank you for all work and love you’ve dedicated to this page and others. We have downloaded the Angel Gowns and Vest patterns and noticed that the 2″ test pattern is slightly smaller than 2″s. Has anyone else ever experienced this or has my printer gone crazy? Thank you once again and God Bless you.

    Anne McCoy
    President/Founder of
    Born With Angel Wings

  • [email protected]

    Hi Anne! Thank you for your kind words. I just now printed the patterns and they measure correctly for me….however pdf printouts that are slightly small is a very common problem in the sewing community. Generally it’s not due to the printer, it’s due to the print settings on the computer. They must be set to 100%, otherwise the computer may tell the printer to automatically “best fit the paper”. Here is a good explanation of this issue:

    If you continue to have issues printing please let me know, I would be happy to print here and send to you in the US mail. I send these out all the time to sewists who have no access to a printer.

    Very best regards, Janet

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