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Mini Review: “Sew By Pattern Pieces” #15000 Leggings

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I blogged about a free kids’ knit shorts pattern that is cut on-the-fold (mirrored front/back) with instructions on how to correct the drafting.

Today in a Facebook group there was a discussion about favorite well-drafted patterns, and blogger Tibeca Yao ( mentioned a designer I was unfamiliar with: Lauren Wernli for  Sew by Pattern Pieces.  Intrigued, I took a look at her shop, and  of all coincidences, she has a kids’ knit legging pdf pattern. Based on Ti’s endorsement, I bought it:


And my opinion is…wow. For $5 you can have a  basic block that is:

  • beautifully drafted and graded
  • in 4 lengths from shorts to ankle-length
  • in a full range of kids’ sizes
  • and the infant sizes are designed with higher rises to cover diapers (!!)


As soon as I catch up on my backlog of Etsy orders I’m going to play with this but I already can see just by looking at it that this is a winner.  If you are in the market for kids’ knit shorts, capris, or leggings….you can’t go wrong investing in this pdf (#15000) for your pattern library.

(If you love the yoga-waistband of the pattern I reviewed yesterday, you can have that using this pattern: simple reduce the height of the inseams and add a rectangle of self-fabric for the waistband. )


  • Sheena

    I’d love to find a kid’s shorts pattern of this quality (and price!) for wovens … any recommendations?

  • fat lady

    Yes, I’m using the Oliver and S free pattern already – but have a couple of acquaintances who would always prefer to buy a pattern rather than use a free one, even when the free one’s really very good.
    Don’t ask me why. Nice ladies, but …
    I think I’ll just advise them to buy one of the other Oliver and S shorts patterns!

  • [email protected]

    They want the “designer” patterns right? Maybe Pattern Emporium “Cargo”? I haven’t made it yet but I’ve heard good things. In general, I trust the drafting better from the Aussies….there are so many good apparel design schools there, I think it makes a difference. Also a huge business in pop-up shops selling childrenswear, and competition often leads to excellence. We have almost none of that in the U.S., the vast majority of apparel is sold in big-box stores, and the home-sewing patterns are questionable in quality (sadly). What about designers in the U.K.? Since I’m new to PDF-world, I’m not yet familiar with what’s available worldwide. (For the littles I do like Puperita, she has some pants)

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