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Mini-review: Simplicity 8102

A mini-comparison between Simplicity 8102 (left) and VFT Hope (right)


( I did not sew up the Simplicity garment, this is only a memo about the pattern).

Last month I reviewed the “Hope” dress  from VFT, and as often happens in pattern-world, a very similar design was released shortly afterwards.   I was asked in a FB group if I knew what the differences were between Simplicity 8102 and VFT Hope, so as soon as the ubiquitous $1.99 sale popped up at JoJo’s, I purchased the pattern out of sheer curiosity.

The obvious design differences are:

  1. Simplicity 8102 is not lined (the bodice and rabbit-ear ties are faced)  so you don’t have the 2-looks-in-1 reversible concept of Hope
  2. 8102 has a ruffle side-hem version; Hope has a ruffle all-around-the-hem version
  3. 8102  shoulder-tie “ears” are wider and more oval-shaped
  4. 8102 has front and back pattern pieces; the difference is in the neckline height only
  5. 8102 has a much smaller yardage required

I was very interested to see if the shapes of the body were different, because this was my personal concern with Hope: the enormous skirt sweep was extended directly from the armscye, with no ease across the chest.  So let’s compare shapes.

(Aligned at center-front): 8102 has far more ease across the chest, a lower neckline, and  much less sweep falling from the underarm than Hope (in pink):



(Aligned at center-front): As I showed on the previous post, I made an adjusted pattern  from  Hope by slash-and-spread from the bodice hem up through the shoulder, giving more ease through the chest, and trimming excess sweep from the sides (my pattern in orange):



(Aligned at center-front): Now compare 8102 to my adjusted pattern,  and see how similar the side-seam sweep is?  Simplicity has the sweep I suggested:



(Aligned at side-seam): Slide my adjusted pattern over to the left, so that side-seams align, and you’ll see that the armscyes are similar, but 8102 has more ease across the chest:



So if any of y’all wanted to do the adjustment that I did, don’t bother, just go buy Simplicity (maybe trim a bit of ease  from the center-front). Unless you live outside the U.S…..$15.95 is outrageous.  Although it does come with a cute bag pattern…..


  • Tibeca

    I love that you were able to use another pattern to compare to here. I loved the adjustments you made originally and its great to see that Simplicity more or less did the same thing.

  • Sue Short

    I’m glad I bought the simplicity pattern and know that it will turn out the way the Hope should have. I’m also glad it’s not reversible I think that would have been to heavy and warmer in the summer. I couldn’t go wrong at $1.99.

  • Bunny

    Thanks for your great comparison! Is the moral of the story, “just wait a minute and wit will be redrafted by the Big Four”? Looking at this, that seems like a good thing. You did such an amazing job of reworking this and it’s quite interesting how Simplicity’s looks lik e yours. Once again, great work and thanks for looking out for us all.

  • [email protected]

    Funny how the same design shows up multiple places, right? Many times I’ve seen Big Four designs that have been around for ages, especially vintage Simplicity and McCalls, suddenly released as a “new” pattern from independent designers…..possibly the big companies think “why not play the same game?”.

  • Erin

    I just bought the 8102 to make my first non-pillowcase style dress for my daughter (I am a beginner). Do you think it will be a good first garment project? Thanks!

  • Kristina Holcomb

    I need help. For the life of me I can not figure out how to sew the straps of the simplicity 8102 pattern. Can anyone help me out? It’s for my daughter’s 4th birthday this sunday!

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