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PDF storage tip: change file names to pictures

Do you get frustrated trying to find a PDF pattern in your files? Do the names start to sound all the same, and you can’t remember if the “Madison” pattern is for the halter-neck-maxi or the boho tunic? Especially if multiple designers use the same names for their PDFs…..

What if your PDF files were in picture format, instead of file name? This is so easy to set up! Here’s how:

  • Open up Adobe Reader:
  • Click on EDIT:
  • In the next window click on PREFERENCES:
  • The opens a new window, click on GENERAL, and then ENABLE PDF THUMBNAILS:
  • Remember to click on OK (“It’s not that it’s so hard to remember, it’s just that it’s so easy to forget”) :
  • Now exit Adobe Reader and go into your Files.
  • Personally I throw all of my PDF pattern files onto One-Drive (you may keep yours under Documents, or Downloads, etc. )……and then I put them into a general folder named “PDF Patterns”
  • Go into your PDF folder (won’t look like mine):
  • For me it’s easiest to have sub-files by pattern company name, you might use categories such as apparel, accessories, toys…or adult, children….let’s try opening my sub-file for “Brownie Goose”:
  • And here’s where the magic happens. Instead of a list of file names, you get PICTURES!

For me this is a game-changer! Whether I’m trying to reprint a pattern for a special project, or just open the on-screen instructions….or trying to help out in a FB group where somebody is asking “Do you know what pattern this is?”…..or just making sure that I don’t re-purchase a pdf I already have.

Happy Sewing! Best, Janet


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