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Product Review: Wawak Sewing Supplies

Well not exactly a “product review”, more of a “resource review”.   Wawak Sewing is an online retailer that I’ve used for several years. No, I don’t have any affiliation here, just want to pass along some useful info for my fellow sewists!


I keep going back to Wawak Sewing because:

  • They carry products not available locally….things that I could purchase on my way home from work when I lived in Manhattan, but out here in the suburbs?  Not so much.
  • Delivery is super-fast, shipping is a very reasonable $5 flat fee (and free shipping with purchase over $100).
  • Prices are very reasonable.

Now I’m a real sucker for “free” shipping (I know, it’s totally illogical) so I tend to make 2 or 3 larger purchases a year from Wawak, to take advantage. Want to see what I just received? (I’m such a sewing geek….pretend this is a “Sephora haul” or something more glamorous).

First up: a 36″ bolt of dotted pattern paper (they also carry 48″ and 60″):


Ahhhh this gives me that “Back-to-School” feeling of getting fresh supplies! I use this daily for drafting my own patterns as well as tracing pdf’s.  One roll (500′) costs about $50….this is a great item to split with a sewing friend.

Everything else came in one small box:


The rolls on the left are horsehair braid:


This is 1/2″ (they also carry 1″ and 2″ widths), 144 yards for $28, and it’s something that I use all the time because I make petticoats. Most people wouldn’t ever need that much, but the price is so much more reasonable when bought in bulk, this could be another item you might want to split with a friend.

See? I was almost out of black horsehair braid:



The final items I received were simple white 2-hole buttons, in 3 sizes:


These were under $8 per gross (1 gross = a dozen dozen, or 12 x 12 = 144), so we’re talking six cents a button. That’s around the top price most mass-manufacturers use.  But most home-sewers have little choice except to buy buttons at  MUCH higher prices, because at retail you buy buttons on the card, a few at a time.  The cost involved in selling  this way is enormous because of the work involved in wiring buttons onto cards, designing and printing the cards, keeping inventory.  And it’s great to have that choice of sizes, colors, and styles…..but if you can use larger quantities of simple styles, it saves money to buy in wholesale quantities.  Again, a great item to split with a friend.

Here’s what I’m using these buttons for:


(This is my simplified “Dorothy” costume for Halloween).


So that was my “$100 with free shipping” purchase.   Here are some other products that you might be interested in (you can order a catalog here):

Thread!  Many varieties, lots of colors:


Rulers, and French curves (yes you need one!):


Scissors! Maybe gifts for your family so they don’t “borrow” your fabric scissors?


One last word: once (ONCE!) I received a Wawak delivery that was missing one teeny tiny item.  When I let them know about it, they sent it right away…..WITH A COOKIE.  I kid you not, a wrapped up chocolate chip cookie. Talk about amazing customer service! I posted a photo of it on Instagram.

(Did I tell you I have an Instagram page?  It’s where I post what I’m working on: @7pinedesign)



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