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Ribbon-Beaded Lace the Easy Way


Ribbon “beaded” lace is one of my favorite trims, because it adds a touch of color and shine.  It’s called “beaded” because as the ribbon is woven up and down through the eyelet holes in the lace, it creates little shiny ovals.  However, weaving the ribbon in and out, with a safety-pin, tapestry-needle, or bodkin… can be tedious, and the ribbon tends to twist:


In mass-manufacturing they save time by stitching the ribbon under the lace, or buying the lace pre-stitched with ribbon.  This sort of destroys the whole point, which is to create the in-and-out  “beading” effect….and also eliminates the ability to change out the ribbon for another color:

Prebeaded lace

So I came up with a fast and easy way to “bead” the ribbon, by using an inexpensive sewing  tool you may already have: a loop-turner:


The first step is to measure and cut the length of lace that you will need for your project, and cut the ribbon the same length plus any extra you would like for bow-ties in your project.  Set aside the ribbon.  Weave the loop-turner in-and-out of the eyelet-holes in your lace:


As you continue, the lace will fold into the shape of “ribbon candy”…keep going until the entire length of lace is on the loop-turner:


Next take your ribbon, diagonally trim an end, and sear it near a flame to prevent un-ravelling as it will be pulled through the lace eyelet holes:



Now hook the tip of the loop-turner into the corner of the ribbon end:


…and pull the ribbon through:


Pull the lace out to the full extension of the ribbon length in seconds!


Being sure to keep the ribbon “beads” on the RIGHT side, pin your beaded ribbon to your sewing project:


Stitch the lace trim on both edges:


….and you are done!


Which trims do you avoid because they are time-consuming?  Maybe there’s a quicker way!




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