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WordPress How to Enable Comments

Yes this is supposed to be a sewing blog, however I hit a huge snag when attempting to set it up, so I’m putting this out there in the hopes that it just might help somebody else.

According to the WordPress books I studied,  a Comment box (a spot for visitors to write in their comments) is  automatically included in the software for basic Themes.  You can DISable that if you don’t want any comments, but you’re shouldn’t need to ENable it.  So why did my site have no Comment box? (It was bothering me because it appeared as if I wouldn’t accept any criticisms, or alternate points of view, etc).

Back to the books (in this case the pretty-good “Teach Yourself Visually WordPress”). The author explained that you go into your Dashboard,  then Settings, then Discussion, which should take you to this page, where you check off “Allow people to post comments” :



So I did, however it was already checked off, as it should be since it is the default to allow comments. I updated anyway (see? looks exactly like the book!):

Comments Discussion


…..went to look at my site and … comments box. So I tried my trusty friend Google.  Wow, there were a ton of people who had the same (or a very similar) problem:

Google cant enable comments

I spent hours surfing the web and came up with 2 categories of answers:

#1 Do exactly what the book said (of course I tried it again and again…no luck)

#2 Break into your Theme’s html code,  add this after The Loop in your  page php file:


<div id””comments”>

<?php comments_template(); ?>



Ummm no, not breaking into code,  wouldn’t know how to do that anyway (what is The Loop??)  Next step: WordPlace Forums.  Why didn’t I start there?  Because WordPress Forums would not accept my WordPress username (“No such user”)…even though I was coming from a WordPress site directly into WordPress Forums.  They also wouldn’t accept my email that is set into my WordPress site setting (“No such user”)….my Host suggested using my host username (“No such user”)….it turns out that WordPress Forums wants you to RE-register a NEW username to use their Forums, even if you already HAVE a WordPress site set up.  Yes this took another hour to figure out.  Okay!  Onto the Forums!


I explained that I had gone into Dashboard> Settings> Discussions> and set the Comments box as Allowed Comments> Save.  Also had gone into Dashbaord>Posts>Screen Options> ticked off Allow Comments> Save. (Suggestion from Google and previous Forum posts). Even went into individual posts and set as “Allow Comments”.   Also I deactivated plugins (another Google tip). Tried changing to a different default Theme.  No luck so far, still no Comments box appearing. A few hours later I got a reply!  Which said to go into:

Dashboard>Posts>select All Posts>click Edit>Comment>Allow.

Awesome!  Except, there is no Comment box to check off on that page. (Haha get the irony?  I’m trying to put a Comment box on my blog but I can’t because there’s no Comment box to click on). As a last resort I asked my husband to look at it and he figured it out in 2 seconds. And he has never been near a blog.


Dashboard>Posts>select All Posts>click Bulk Actions>Edit>now look for a button that says Apply, hit that:

Comments Posts

It will take you to a NEW SCREEN  where you look for a block (third column to the right) called Comments (finally!), click the box next to it for Allow, then Save that.

Comments Allow Update

Ta-da!  I finally have a Comments box!




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